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The wait is over. From the ashes of The Goddamn Glenn radio show on the now defunct DigRadio Boston, GDGS rises again like a phoenix with a bad case of diarrhea and is prepared to shit all over the internet in full color. Featuring new segments like Marone! Analisa, a new music segment brought to you by Vanyaland, and other original sketches like the gaseous Activiaween starring Honey Pie, The Goddamn Glenn Show brings Anngelle Wood and Goddamn Glenn together again on the small screen, delivering the news like only they can. Uncensored and beholden to no one. Current production plan is two webisodes a month. Here is the all new pilot for the show. Stay tuned for even more!

Reverberations of Big Bang Rivaled by Sound of Creationist’s Head Exploding


Harvard researchers detected the most compelling evidence of the Big Bang to date in March when they determined that gravitation waves rippled through the fabric of spacetime. But the results were nearly thrown off by an alarming BOOM out of East Bumfuck, where it was reported a congregant of Ken Ham’s Creationist School, Chip Steen’s head spontaneously burst into a bloody mess of skull splinters, gray matter and coarse black hair. Chairman of East Bumfuck’s Education Board, Mr. Steen had just ordered textbooks for all the elementary schools in his district, and several copies of Ham’s Did Adam Have a Bellybutton? were found studded with shattered teeth dislodged by the explosion, along with eyelashes, shit that resembles pasta salad…you name it. East Bumfuck Chief of Police Bob Nadeau explained, “Chip’s poor head just busted apart as if, I don’t know, as if one of Gallagher’s watermelons got  trampled by one of the dinosaurs walking off Noah’s ark or something!” While residents of East Bumfuck and Steen’s family were visibly shaken by his passing, they cited that the soothing voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson referring to our mortal bodies as “starstuff” on FOX’s Cosmos gave them a kind of peace that one woman claimed she “wouldn’t expect from the blacks she sees on TV.” The investigation continues.

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Americans Disappointed Approaching Asteroid Not Measured in Football Fields

Americans Disappointed Approaching Asteroid Not Measured in Football FieldsAs newly discovered asteroid DX110 hurtles past our planet at a distance closer than that of our moon, most Americans are more concerned at the scientific community’s notable omission of exactly how many football fields wide the space rock actually is. “They usually say it’s as big as 3, 4, or 5 football fields,” explains Frank, a patron of Casey’s on Broadway in Winter Hill.  “But not this time, which makes me think they’re not telling us something. I mean, we could be one red cunt hair away from total annihilation, and they won’t put it in a language we can all understand!” In an effort to calm a rattled public, scientists have confirmed that the asteroid is approximately 100 feet wide, (.2778 football fields long, Frank.)


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Many Massachusetts Women Over 40 Surveyed Are Okay With State’s Supreme Judicial Court Ruling On Upskirt Photos


8 out of 10 Massachusetts women over 40 surveyed said they were “okay” with the state’s Supreme Judicial Court ruling upskirt photos legal. Those surveyed in the organic produce section of Whole Foods said they were also “totally cool” with getting carded for Pinot Grigio and being told by their daughter’s male violin teacher they look 35.

Two of the 10 women surveyed said they just have this old flip phone thing and had to leave to pick their kids up from soccer.


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