GDGS News In Briefs

People always tell us they look to GDGS–not the New York Times, not the Boston Globe, and not even The Watchtower or Spare Change–but GD-goddamn-GS to get their breaking news updates. We get it. You just don’t have time for longwinded boring bullshit. You want something you can share and retweet that won’t send you to some crass registration page that forces you to delete your cookies and start all over. You want the headlines. Well, we give the best headlines this side of the Public Garden.

Therefore, we are announcing the NEXT frontier in our news media empire. A breakthrough technology sure to drive Facebook, Google and the Segway scooter all back into the goddamn Stone Age. Yup, we’re talking print media. Okay, not ink on your fingers print, but words and stuff. We’re calling it simply NEWS IN BRIEFS. Because it’s news, and because underpants. Quick, on the go updates you can read on the run, or just on the toilet. Get ready Boston. Get ready America. Because our team is excited to debrief you and fill you in all day and all night long!

(And, as always, catch us EVERY Thursday night 6-8PM EST on Dig Radio!)

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